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Piano Lessons in Concord, NC                     


Prospective Students: 1 complimentary lesson/consultation is available to prospective students who are actively seeking a piano instructor. The lesson/consultation is held at the studio and offers the opportunity for students/parents-guardians to meet with the instructor, Yvonne Spencer, and experience the lesson format employed by The Piano School.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to accompany the student, regardless of age, interview the instructor and tour the studio and secure facility.

:  30 minutes each held weekly for a total 36 lessons per year.  In the event of lateness, the lesson will not be extended beyond the allocated time frame. 

SCHEDULE:  The Piano School will operate August 27th  2012- May 31st  2013. Summer lessons are optional during June & July.

The Piano School will observe the following holidays:

Labor Day            September 5 2012

Thanksgiving      November 20-23, 2012

Christmas            December 20-Jan 1,  2013

Spring Break       April 1-5, 2013

Two make up lessons will be allowed per semester.   
Lessons canceled by the instructor will be rescheduled.



Please go to   to complete the registration form on the registration page.
The registration fee is $100 per year and is due at the time of registration, to be paid no later than the 1st day of lessons.
Please use the REGISTRATION payment button on the REGISTRATION page to submit payment. For families with 2 children, only 1 registration fee is required.

All fees are included in the annual registration fee ($100). Metronome (if required) is not included.

There are 2 recitals for the studio during the year; participation is optional and no additional fees are required.
Music and/or contests requested by the student are not included in registration.

Lost music or supplies will require a replacement fee = $25 per incident. Late fees and returned check fees may apply. 




All Tuition is payable through  using PayPal as the secure payment method.

A PayPal account is not required for annual or semi-annual payments. You will be prompted to set up a PayPal account for monthly payments.  If paying monthly, students must subscribe on or before the 10th of the 1st full month of lessons.
There will be a $25 late fee for tuition not paid by the 10th of the starting month.


[3] Payment options are available for tuition payments:

·         Monthly                            $100           Auto draft required. Subscribe on or before Sept 10th for Fall Semester
                                                                 9 monthly payments drafted monthly (includes Registration fee)
                                                                 Draft date will be the same as the date of subscription, drafted monthly

             $100 Registration Fee due on or before Aug 27th, 2012 to secure enrollment
                          *A NEW option for families with (2) students is now available at $200/month

·         Semi-annual                     $500           2 payments; 1 due on or before Sept 10, 2012 & 1 due on or before Jan 10, 2013
                                                                 Registration included.

  •  Annual-pay in full            $1000         1 payment due on or before Sept 10, 2012. Registration included.


Students may enroll at anytime during the year. Tuition and registration fee may be prorated for late enrollment. 
Lessons will be suspended for non-payment. 
Lesson time is a learning experience that requires concentration. Please observe the following guidelines:

·         Parents are welcome to observe their child’s lesson. Siblings may be present if enrolled with Sounds of Artistry, yet friends should not be present as your child’s concentration will be diminished.

·         Students are expected to complete all snacks, hand washing and rest room visits prior to arrival.

·         No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the studio.

·         Cell phones, ipods, mp3 players, laptops, pda’s or other electronic devices must be turned off in the studio.

Practice = Progress

 To ensure each child’s progress, parents should schedule a daily practice time to be completed in [1] 30 minute session or [2] 15 minute intervals using the correct practice methods that are taught in the lesson.

A weekly practice schedule and assignment book will be given to each student and should be checked and signed by the parent before each session.

These guidelines are suggested in order to avoid distractions and to maximize your child’s time for learning. A student’s rate of progress is accelerated when he or she applies the proper practice methods. This year should be an enjoyable musical experience for everyone!






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