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The Sounds of Artistry Concept has been carefully designed to integrate rhythm and note reading with a technical approach based on shoulder relaxation thus avoiding a tight awkward hand as is found in many young students. Ms. Spencer has used her education, experience and expertise to write a method book for young beginners.

Each student will be guided for three months through a method that will build a lasting technical foundation eliminating mistakes which many times are very difficult to reverse.

During the first months of training, the student will also internalize the rhythmic flow in music, knowing more than how to count note values. Most importantly, he will develop the awareness that music is not just reading notes; it is how the notes are played that creates music.

By the end of the first year, age considered, the musician will have learned three base lines and a chord progression coordinated with the right hand melodies. He will learn to play repeated tones correctly and he will learn how to play legato sounds in one hand while playing a contrasting movement in the other hand.

Following the initial training in hand coordination students are introduced to note reading application and advanced exercises designed for playing various styles of music.

Learning the above technique is an intricate process that even the young mind can absorb when the material is presented in a sequential order. The Sounds of Artistry Concept is a unique, fun way to learn the right way to play and should be used prior to any other instruction. Success is evident in the sound produced by the student as well as the proper position of the hand.

Students are presented in two recitals per year and have the opportunity for service projects in the Concord-North Charlotte area. Students are also encouraged to participate in their school talent shows and community events.

About Sounds


Yvonne Spencer 
has been teaching classical piano to students of all levels for over twenty years.  As a Concord native, Yvonne began her piano education with well-known instructor, Betty Williams. In addition to Attending Flora McDonald College and Meredith College, Ms. Spencer received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and Theory from William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Her graduate studies have included instruction at Winthrop University and tutelage by Clifton Matthews at the North Carolina School of the Arts. 

Ms. Spencer has worked as an accompanist, church organist and director of hand bell and children’s choirs. She is a member of Delta Omicron Music Fraternity and holds professional status in the Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum. 

Ms. Spencer’s purpose as a piano teacher is to guide successful musicians from beginner through college preparatory and adult levels by offering training that eliminates retraining. She developed “Sounds of Artistry Method for Beginners,” which specializes in correct technical instruction for the young child. 

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